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In my early 20’s I owned a ‘96 Mustang. Eager to make a few modifications, I saved up for months to purchase a set of wheels from a highly reputable wheel company. A moment which was supposed to feel like an exciting purchase quickly turned into an embarrassment. Shortly after the placement it was obvious one of the wheels had terribly bad run out, visible to the naked eye. After months of contacting the company for assistance with the defective product, I finally decided to make the adjustments necessary myself in an attempt to fix the wheel.


I may not have known it in that moment, but this poor experience in purchasing my first set of three piece wheels shifted the trajectory of my career as a machinist. Fast forward 19 years, and I am now able to reflect on how such a nightmare of an experience as a customer motivated me to challenge the quality of products in the wheel industry as a competitor with my own wheel line.



Here at Kompression, our mission is to put quality at the forefront of our focus. We strive to not only satisfy our client’s needs, but also provide an experience that makes you feel confident, proud, and safe each and every time you get behind the wheel.



Our vision is to constantly challenge the industry standards by strategizing outside of the status quo. We believe we are stronger by respecting the preferences of all, and are confident that our dedication towards inclusion will assist us in achieving success for our company and partnerships.



In the year of 1998, our founder and CEO Robert Jones learned the trade of machining,  and soon embarked on the journey of holding several machining positions. Robert proudly held a position at Advanced Structural Alloys(ASA), where he was introduced to the world of manufacturing and production of forged wheels. Robert would say that the foundation of Kompression Wheels was born during this time period in which he learned the fundamentals necessary to achieve innovation within the wheel industry.


We purchased our first CNC machine in the year of 2003, beginning as One Off Custom Billet, operating out of our family’s home. With a primary focus of serving the needs of after market parts production, manufacturing wheels was once a mere dream. With the support of our local partnerships and commitment to achieve success, we worked hard each and every day to make that dream a reality.


Kompression Wheels was officially established in 2011 and has proudly operated as a family business based in Oxnard, California.


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